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1 Name of seller

This site name and URL of the site is edited by:

Laboratoires de Biarritz International, with a capital of 100 000 euros, registered with the Trade and Companies BAYONNE on 09/05/2018 under number 839 393 246, having its headquarters in Belgium and branch in France : Biarritz (64200), 44, rue Luis Mariano.

Web site address: www.laboratoires-biarritz.fr

Phone number:

Belgium VAT number : BE0683575133
French VAT number : FR64834704579

Hosting: Shokola - 4 Place Clemenceau - 64200 Biarritz -

2 General provisions relating to these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the Terms and Conditions)

2.1. Purpose of Terms

Terms & conditions apply exclusively to online sales of products Laboratoires de Biarritz on the site www.laboratoires-biarritz.fr.

2.2. Scope of Terms

Terms exclusively govern the sales contracts online products Laboratoires de Biarritz, hereinafter seller professional buyers with quality consumers (hereinafter, consumers) and are the order of the binding contract documents to parties to the exclusion of all other documents, flyers, catalogs or pictures of products are only indicative value.

The Terms are applicable only to products delivered to users in France and abroad.

The Terms are written as well as all contractual information mentioned on the site in French language.

2.3. Availability and enforceability of Terms

Terms & conditions are available to consumers on the seller's website where they can be consulted directly.

The Terms are binding on the consumer recognizes, by checking a box provided for this purpose, have been aware of and have accepted before ordering.

The validation of the order by confirmation is accession by the purchaser Terms in force at the date of the order whose preservation and reproduction are carried out by professional seller in accordance with Article 1369-4 of the Civil Code.

2.4. Changing Conditions

Professional seller reserves the right to modify its Terms at any time.

In case of modification of the GCS, the applicable Terms are those in force at the date of the order dated copies to date which can be delivered to the consumer's request.

2.5. Terms of Conditions

The nullity of a contract provision does not involve the nullity of the GCS.

The temporary or permanent non-compliance with one or more provisions of the Terms professional seller will not constitute a waiver on his part to the other clauses of the GCS which continue to produce their effects.

3 Products

3.1. Specifications

Products offered for sale in the catalog published on the site are each subject to a description indicating their essential characteristics within the meaning of Article L. 111-1 of the Consumer Code.

The photographs illustrating the products are not a contractual document.

3.2. Instructions

How to use the product, if it is an essential element, is mentioned in the catalog or at the latest upon delivery.

3.3. Compliance

The products comply with the applicable regulations relating to safety and health, the fairness of commercial transactions and consumer protection at the time of marketing.

The products comply with the requirements of French law in force at the time of marketing.

4 Price

4.1. Selling price

Selling prices, in accordance with Article L. 113-13 of the Consumer Code, are indicated for each of the products listed in the catalog, including euro, excluding shipping and transport taxes mentioned before validation command and charged extra.

The total amount payable by the consumer is indicated on the order confirmation page.

The selling price of the product is that in force at the date of order.

In case of promotion prices, professional seller undertakes to apply the promotional price to all orders placed during the promotion period.

4.2. Change

Professional seller reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, while ensuring the application of the consumer price at the date of the order.

5 Offer

5.1. Field

Offers online sales presented on the site are reserved for consumers residing in France and abroad for delivery in the same geographical areas.

5.2. Duration

Offers online sales presented on the site are valid, there is no indication of particular length, as long as the products are listed in the catalog and within the limits of available stocks.

5.3. Acceptance

Acceptance of the offer by the consumer is validated according to the method of double-clicking the confirmation of the order.

6 Order

6.1. Steps to conclude the contract

To order, the consumer, after completing his shopping cart showing the selected products and quantities desired, then click on the "Order" button and provides information about the delivery and payment method.

Before clicking the "Submit" button, the consumer has the opportunity to check the details of the order and its total price and return to previous pages to correct errors or possibly modify the order.

Confirmation of the order implies acceptance of Terms and Conditions and the contract form.

An email acknowledging receipt of the order and its payment is sent by the seller as soon as possible.

6.2. Change order

Any change of control by the consumer after confirmation of order is subject to acceptance of professional seller.

Professional seller reserves the right to make changes to the product ordered that are related to the technical development in accordance with Article R. 132-2-1, V of the Consumer Code.

6.3. Confirmation of the order

Professional seller reserves the right to refuse any order for legitimate reasons and, more specifically, if the quantities of products ordered are abnormally high for buyers with quality consumers.

6.4. Unavailability of products ordered

If the goods ordered are unavailable delivery, professional seller immediately inform the consumer and can offer him a quality product and an equivalent price.

In case of disagreement, the consumer is reimbursed no later than thirty days after the payment of the sums paid.

7 Contract

7.1. Conclusion

The sales contract is formed at the time of sending by the consumer of the order confirmation.

7.2. Archiving and evidence

The filing of communications, orders and invoices is made ​​on a reliable and durable so as to constitute a faithful and durable copy in accordance with Article 1348 of the Civil Code.

These communications, orders and invoices can be produced as evidence of the contract.

7.3. Retraction

On receipt of the products, the consumer has a cooling off period of fourteen days to return your products delivered.

Laboratoires de Biarritz proceed only trade when order picking error or defective products.

If one of the two cases above happens to you (order picking error or defective products), you can ask you to exchange the product or products as follows:

1) Send an email to the contact address using the contact form within 14 days after receiving your order précisant the number of your order, the product you désirez return, the you want to exchange e and the cause of the ex change (error pr é é repair or defective products).

2) We answer as quickly by sending you by email a good return to stick on your parcel. Then just take him in your post office. The product is returned due to our é é responsibility, so we will refund you the cost of returns.

3) We use your package to exchange then we will resend or corresponding products faster.

Thank you to return any product without prior approval by email. Any return without prior agreement will be refused upon receipt.

7.5. Resolution

The contract may be canceled by the consumer in case of:

- Delivery beyond the deadline in order for products whose value is greater than 500 euros in accordance with Article 9.1. the GCS;

- Increase in the price is not justified by a technical modification of the product imposed by the government.

In all these cases, the consumer may require the repayment of the deposit with the order, plus interest at the legal rate from the date of receipt of the deposit.

The contract may be terminated by the professional seller in case of:

- The consumer's refusal to take delivery;

- Non-payment of the price (or the balance of the price) at the time of delivery.

8 Payment

8.1. Terms of payment

The price is payable in full upon confirmation of the order.

The price is payable in full on the day of placing the order by the consumer, by way of secure payment CB.

Payments by credit card will be debited at the time of shipment of the order.

Payments made ​​by the consumer will not be considered final until actual receipt of amounts owed ​​by the seller.

8.2. Secure payment

The site has a security system of online payments, enabling customers to encrypt the transmission of banking data; describe the system of secure online payments.

8.3. Default

The seller will not be required to make the delivery of products ordered by the consumer if it does not pay the price in full under the conditions indicated above.

In addition, the seller reserves the right, in case of non-compliance with the conditions of payment set out above, to suspend or cancel delivery of orders being made ​​by the consumer.

9 Delivery

9.1. Delivery

Professional seller undertakes, in accordance with the date of delivery indicated on the website for each product, to deliver the products within 2 to 4 days after receipt of order. Your order will be processed the same day whenever possible if it is placed before 3:30 p.m. on the site. All orders placed after 15:30 will be shipped on the next business day. For orders placed on Friday after 15:30 commands, the package will be shipped the following Monday. Please note that deliveries are also on Saturday morning. For orders outside France, please see all the time in our table below.

9.2. Shipping

Participation in delivery cost 5.9 euros is required for any order in France (the postage is offered if the amount of your order exceeds 50 euros in France). For orders outside France, please refer to the detail fee below:

9.3. Delayed delivery

Late delivery exceeding seven days and not due to force majeure may cause cancellation of the sale by the consumer, within sixty working days from the delivery date specified days relinquish its control by letter registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, return the appropriate products if they have been delivered and receive the seller no later than within thirty days of the return payment, excluding any compensation.

9.4. Methods of delivery

Laboratoires de Biarritz chose So Colissimo solution for delivery of your products. A choice of five delivery solutions and a large network of withdrawals anywhere in France.

The products are delivered to the address specified by the customer on the order form.

Any claim of error of delivery must be made ​​by the consumer to the professional seller on the same day of delivery or the first business day after delivery at the latest.

Delivery is made ​​by mail or by an independent carrier.

In case of delivery by post (or carrier), a delivery note must be signed by the consumer must verify receipt compliance and packaging of the product.

In case of damage or partial loss of the product, the consumer must make to the receipt of reservations on the delivery of which is sent to a double and professional seller within three days of receipt, notify these to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt pursuant to Article L. 133-3 of the Commercial Code letter.

Laboratoires de Biarritz also offer free withdrawal service point Laboratories Biarritz, 44 rue Luis Mariano in Biarritz ( 64200 FRANCE) .

9.5. Conformity of products

If the product does not comply with the order, the consumer must complain to the professional seller to obtain a replacement product or possibly cancellation of the sale.

9.6. Unavailability of products

In case of unavailability of the product delivery, the seller can offer professional, in accordance with Article 6-4 of the GCS, an equivalent product by its quality and price.

9.7. Failure to Deliver

The total failure to deliver results in the automatic termination of the contract of sale.

10 Guarantees

10.1 Notices. Guarantees

All products supplied by professional seller have the legal guarantee of conformity provided for in Articles L. 211-4 to L. 211-14 of the Consumer Code and the legal warranty against hidden defects under sections 1641-1649 of the Code civil.

Under these guarantees professional seller undertakes to consumer choice, his exchange defective or does not match the order.

10.3. After-sales service

Claims made ​​under guarantees should be sent by email after-sales service Laboratoires de Biarritz, 44 rue Luis Mariano, 64200 Biarritz or laboutique@laboratoires-biarritz.com or (Monday Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14h to 18h).

Products covered by the warranty must be returned new, complete and in their original condition and packaging after receiving confirmation of the claim by the after-sales service.

The consumer will be reimbursed for return postage no later than thirty days after receipt of the product by the seller.

Please see the FAQ Shop to follow the exchange process.

10.4. Applicable law guarantees

French law applicable to the contract under Article 16 of the Conditions shall not have the effect of depriving the consumer residing in another Member State provisions on guarantees granted to it under national law of Directive 99 / 44/CE of 25 May 1999 on the sale and guarantees of consumer goods.

11 Liability

11.1. Disclaimer

The responsibility of the professional seller can not be held liable for non-performance or improper performance of the contract due either to the fact of the buyer, or to the fact insurmountable and unpredictable third contract or force majeure.

The responsibility of the professional seller can not be held liable for non-conformity with the legislation of the country of the consumer, it belongs to check if the product is not banned from sale in the country.

11.2. Failure Product Safety

In case of damage caused by a defect in product safety, consumers should look for the manufacturer's responsibility identifiable from the information mentioned on the product packaging.

12 Termination Clause

The resolution of the command in the cases specified in these GTC shall be by single registered mail with return receipt (or newsletter) and will automatically acquired without legal formality letter.

13 Intellectual Property

The items displayed on this site give the list consisting of photographs, video, text, drawings and images are the exclusive property of the editor, are protected by copyright law trademark and patent law.

Any reproduction or distribution of these elements without the prior written permission of the publisher, expose violators to prosecution.

14 Privacy

The collection of personal data, their use under the order processing and the creation of customer files and their dissemination to third parties responsible for the implementation and payment of orders is subject to the consent of the person concerned.

The processing of personal data, which is stored by the publisher for the sole purpose of the proper administration of orders and trade relations, been declared to the National Commission for Data Protection.

The consumer has at any time the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data.

15 Settlement of disputes

15.1. Complaint

All claims must be addressed at the service consumer Laboratoires de Biarritz, 44 rue Luis Mariano, 64200 Biarritz or laboutique@laboratoires-biarritz.com or (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14h to 18h).

15.2. Jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the purchase order and these Terms, the competent court will be the place of the defendant's home or place of actual delivery of the product.

Any dispute relating to the purchase order or these Terms, the court shall, if the consumer is a defendant, the place of his residence.

16 Applicable Law

This Agreement and the Terms and Conditions governing it are subject to French law.